Monday, October 31, 2011

One Down, Infinity To Go!

Husband the Great actually turned that phrase yesterday; "One Down, Infinity To Go".  And I couldn't agree more in the sense that we've only been legally married one year today.  But really,  we've been solidly together for years.  And together in the wishy-washy 'he's really not my boyfriend' way for for years before that.  For a  girl who's all about instant gratification,  one might think that taking ten years to get to the altar took massive amounts of restraint.  But no, not really.  We got there exactly when we should have.

Joe and I often reflect that had we gotten married the first time we got all twitterpated with each other, we would have ended up bitterly divorced.  After we broke up the first time (1998), there was about a year where we couldn't even talk directly to each other.  Then, we became friends again, we and several friends occupied his mom's house and on valentines day 2000 we became a little more than just friends.

I won't go into all the gory details of moving in together in our first apartment,  then apart again, then second apartment, then separate apartments,  then together again into my mother's house,  then being still together as I ran off to Texas in search of a better job (it didn't happen) and me coming home, to us buying our first house   two and a half years ago, to having what I am insisting was the most fun wedding I have ever seen.

All of this change,  all of these tumultuous moves and issues and repairs helped us to learn to talk to each other; to trust each other.  Had we not worked all through it,  I don't know if an earlier marriage would have survived.  And I am glad we have worked it out.

Infinity to go!  


  1. It really was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. All things happen in their own time, and I am glad the two of you are happy together.