Friday, June 8, 2012

No Wrong Choices?

So, a bit over a month ago,  I got laid off.  To which I posted a somewhat cynical view of the corporate world. In all honesty, that view has not at all changed.  It is a game I am playing to provide a good life for Husband the Great and myself.  But, as is true with any situation in your life; there are steps you can take to make it better.  There are good corporate situations.  There are ways to improve your life.  

After applying to handful of jobs,  I quickly came to the conclusion that no one's going to consider me for a decent job without a college degree. (Irony on this comes later).  So,  I do some research and decide to enroll at Western Governor's University for HR Management.  It's a work at my own pace sort of deal, which means,  if I'm jobless for six months, I'm confident that I can have my bachelor's degree by the end of those six months. I know that sounds a bit impossible, or that perhaps this school isn't on the up and up, but anyone who knows me knows that it is very possible and I made sure this place was accredited.  

As a result of this six month plan,  I had resigned myself to living on unemployment for the next six months and busting my ass to get this degree so I could get a better paying, more fulfilling job.  Queue the company that had just laid me off.  A friend of mine in a different division of said company handed my resume to her boss and  it resulted in an interview earlier this week.  The job sounds engaging, the money sounds like it's going to be right.  And I would have nothing to do with the boss that laid me off.  So,  while some might consider me insane for going back to this company a third time,  I feel like it would be wholly irresponsible of me NOT to take it if I get the offer.  But if I take the offer,  that's going to slow down my plan for school considerably.  

I don't want to bail on school again. But this job is the job I've been trying to maneuver into since day one at this company.  I'm going to have no life for the forseeable future,  but I'm oddly okay with that.  I guess I'm just a little terrified that while it seems like there's no way for me to make a wrong choice,  that I will somehow manage to do just that.