Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

When it comes to everything in my life,  I would have to say that I am certainly a Jack of All Trades and Master of None.  I know a moderate amount about a plethora of things. I know just enough Jeopardy answers that if you were to see me on the show,  I would be that woman who gets just enough right that she held her own in the first round,  but then would likely be trounced throughout the rest of the program. 

This is also true for my artistic ability.   I can fairly well create anything I turn my hand to,  but I would not call anything I have made something that will stand the test of time and will be called ART years after I am gone. 

This includes writing.  I love to write and I know that people like to read what I write,  but I lack the ability to finish something I've started.  I have never finished a story.  That's mostly because I get very invested in these characters I have created and I just want to keep knowing what happens to them.  I would be great for comic books or television series, but novels are a serious challenge for me. 

And there are times I have too many artistic ideas floating about in my head that I get overwhelmed.  Between writing ideas, jewelry projects,  baking adventures (I love to bake.  Love IT. So much easier with my own kitchen),  wanting to play video games,  make scrapbooks,  take photos (with my bad ass camera I got for Christmas last year) and edit them with Lightroom (which I need to learn) and Photoshop (which I know just enough of to get me by),  sewing ideas (there's this coat made of upcycled sweaters I want to try) and trying to get a small business (custom jewelry and clothing, more on that another time) going,   I find myself sort of just standing in my little office/studio and staring blankly at my work table while my brain tries to prioritize all these wonderful ideas.   Hell,  I can't even make a list to prioritize them without going into 'Does Not Compute' mode. 

I am getting better though.  I have discovered that if I make the list before I get home from the cubicle reserve and am not immersed in my artsy little world,  I do much better.  Now,  I just have to stick to that plan when I get home.  Which happens about seventy-five percent of the time.  Husband the Great is very good at distracting me with things like attention and Jeopardy and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (I have a bad habit of making little Lego Jack run around just to watch him flail his little arms about.). 

So really,  the entire point of today's post is to tell you that I am easily distracted by Shiney Objects.

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  1. An idea I have had (and never implemented myself) to try and organize the over abundnace of creative projects is to not only prioritize them by actual project, but to group them by types and then assign a day to that grouping. Mondays is writing, Tuesdays is baking, Wednesdays is sewing, and so on and so forth. Or since you have a business you do any business related matter first and then once that is done you do the daily scheduled activities. It gives you time to do all the things you like.

    That doesn't help with the boy distracting you, but it is a start.