Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Magic

Let me begin by saying I am a champion of all movies.  I love movies.  They are near and dear to me as any childhood prized possession like my first stuffed bear (Townsend Vermont).   Growing up, we went to the movies all the time.  It was a staple on the weekends, to the point that when my dad passed away,  one of my good friends burst into tears at the thought of not going to the movies with him any more.

My love of movies as lived on and as many who know me will tell you, my husband and I have an insane movie collection.  I started it, and Husband the Great has only added to the wall of movies.  My friends will no longer play Scene It with me because it is no longer fun for them, my favorite kind of music is Movie Scores.  I LOVE MOVIES.

But,  I find these days that the market is over-saturated.  There are so many movies coming out that I just can't keep up.  And I'm finding that with many of them,  I just don't want to.  There was a time when going to the movies was an outing.  Now it's just expected. I remember just one or two major summer blockbusters a year while growing up.  Now it's an entire season of non-stop "blockbusters".

And I think people are taking movies too seriously in certain aspects.  To me, you should walk into every movie expecting nothing except to be entertained.  Over the Top?  Who cares?  Blatantly Inaccurate? Were we going to History Class or a Movie?  Didn't follow the book word for word?  Could you imagine how long that movie would be?  C'mon people,  they're meant to be entertaining.

If you want something deep and meaningful on the level a major intellectual satisfaction,  read the book the movie was based on.  (Which I love to do too,  but that's a post for another day)

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