Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wait, What Was I Doing Again?

One of the reasons I don't write on here often is that I have too many ways to entertain myself away from the computer.  I have a day job (while not entertaining most of the time, quite time consuming).  I am working with several people to start a new business (very entertaining, but easily the second biggest time suck I have).  I have a pile books I want to read. I have at least three solid story ideas I'm tinkering on from time to time.  I have a DVR full of pretty good TV to catch up on.  We recently bought the first three seasons of The Clone Wars on blu-ray.  My cat(s) demanded my attention, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The business, while I will not normally bring it up here because that is not what this blog is for,  is getting going with a weird rhythm.  I wouldn't call it speed,  I wouldn't call it standing still.  But we're chugging along.  The ideas in my head are flying so fast I forget some of them before I can write them down.  I've drawn three new outfit designs.  I have a pile of jewelry projects lined up.  I wish I had the money to hire minions,  but we're not there yet.  Ah, the adventures of starting a small business.

On the funny side,  we have purchased one male mannequin and two french dress forms for display purposes.  We call the mannequin  No Face Charlie, I hope my average reader is smart enough to figure that one out.  And the dress forms are called the OohLaLa Girls.   There is also my mother's adjustable dress form which has been dubbed Madame Antoinette (I believe it is because we have padded it to my measurements.  No,  my name is not Antoinette.  It's just Toni.  Please refer back to my very first post about names). I'm not sure why I felt the need to name them,  but it is what it is and now I'm trying to think of ways to scare Husband the Great with them when he least expects it.

The stories are really exploding in my head. I've been plugging along on one that is sheer entertainment value because it takes place in someone else's well-established world.  But it was there and I wanted to write it, so there it is.  The other two,  I'm constantly writing little notes to myself about things that need to happen or bits of a character's past that no one other than myself (and in the case of one story my collaborator Megan of Who's the Minion Here? ) will ever know.

The bonus of being this busy is that I'm so creatively happy that it does not matter what happens at my Day Job.  Even that is going really well I think.  However, I've never been good at reading the corporate temperature,  so for all I know I could have no day job next week.

But while all this creativity is good,  it also gives me the attention span of a peanut.  Like just now,  I was typing this journal entry,  my cat meowed at me and I noticed an unfinished canvas in my studio closet that I started studying intensely for about five minutes while I decided what I needed to do to finish it and what I would do with it once it was done.  And I could be in the middle of making a pair of earrings and I will just stop and pick up a string of beads that have no purpose yet and start planning a purpose for them.  I have to get a bit more discipline if I'm going to get the amount of stuff done I want to get done.

However now is not the time.  Husband the Great will be home soon,  with food, and I will stop to eat that. I'm a big girl. Food wins. I'm not too proud to admit it. Oh wait, maybe if I had the same discipline for getting work done as I do for eating meals,  I would rule the world.  Yes. Eat more. Get discipline. Rule the World.  Now I just need Han Solo in carbonite. Someone make that happen.


  1. I'll see what I can do about the carbonite....

  2. Oooh! Thank you Person With the Name of a Bazillion Numbers!