Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Upswing

I would say that creativity comes to me in waves.  It is always there, bubbling under the surface, but it certainly boils over in inconsistent intervals.  As is evident of being absent from posting here in nearly a month.  I told you I was no good at frequency; you were warned.  

This time of year, there are plenty of reasons to be disconnected from the interweb-world.  Holidays, end of the business fiscal year, but really,  no offense to anyone I solely speak with via internet,  but I just didn't want to be here.  I've been reading, doing a little bit of writing (with a pen, in a notebook), baking, catching up on TV I ignored all of Thanksgiving week and and end of month week at work (which was last week), shopping (it is shopping season after all) and generally being busy around the house.

Let us see.  Adventures in real life.  I had a pack of small children in my house for the first time two Saturdays ago.  I think it went well.  I had paper and crayons.  And cats. Cats are nearly always a win with little kids.  Fortunately,  I have brilliant friends, and their children were raised right, so I was not at all worried about what sort of hi jinks they might get themselves into.  As a matter a fact,  I think my house ended up cleaner after they left than when they arrived.  Well, mostly,  I did find a few cheez-its squirreled away in a corner of the living room and a single french fry on the top of my wing-backed chair.  But over all,  these children were better house guests than the group of grown men that used to frequent my house every weekend all weekend.  So,  there is hope for the future.  

I've been organizing. My spare room had to be made functional for the Pack, so we had to get creative with storing things.  Mostly due to the bazillion or so Magic: The Gathering cards in boxes. We love to play (we even taught my 59 year old mother to play and she whups us almost every time. I've learned to show no mercy.), but I honestly don't know what we were thinking when we continued to buy all these cards.  We'll never play enough games to use them all (I certainly don't have the patience to make enough decks out of them to play them all), and most of the cards are too old for official tournament use.     So, I'm not sure what to do with them all, other than find some cool art thing to do with them.  This just goes to show that even Husband the Great can fall victim to impulse shopping.  

I've gotten a bit rambly, haven't I?  I was talking about creative waves.  I'm back in the upswing I think. I have a few jewelry things to do,  I want try some neat photography tricks, and there is more baking to do before the end of the year.  So,  again,  it could be a while before you hear from me.    

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